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  1. July 2018 - Rental instruments support rapid NDT response

    Following an urgent request from one of its clients, IRISNDT contacted Steve Drake, Ashtead Technology’s NDT Market Manager, seeking phased array instruments for an inspection. Despite the call coming in after hours, the IRISNDT phased array expert was able to call in to Ashtead’s facilities in Bedfordshire at 9am the next morning to collect the kit on his way to the inspection.“The equipment was needed to inspect welding joints on a steam line at a power station, and our client was… Read more ›

  2. June 2018 - Ashtead boosts NDT and inspection capabilities

    Global subsea equipment specialist, Ashtead Technology, has further strengthened its non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection capabilities after securing international service agreements with two leading industry suppliers.The first deal will see Ashtead partner with UK-based Cygnus Instruments to supply the most advanced ultrasonic flooded member detection (FMD) system currently on the market. The tool has been developed to carry out underwater inspections in challenging and hard to… Read more ›

  3. June 2018 - TSI DustTrak Environmental - Model Comparison

    The TSI DustTrak Environmental allows you to remotely monitor dust and aerosols in an outdoor environment. Suitable for long-term monitoring, the DustTrak Environmental photometer is housed in a weather-proof, lockable enclosure and utilises a cloud based management system which provides real-time data measurements from any location. To support different monitoring requirements, there are four TSI DustTrak Environmental models. When deciding on a TSI DustTrak Environmental you should… Read more ›

  4. June 2018 - NDT Scanner Rental Guide

    With NDT scanners available for conventional UT, phased array, ToFD, composite testing and corrosion mapping, our rental fleet can support you with a number of inspections. To help you keep track of what you can hire, we've put together a handy NDT Scanner guide.The scanner guide gives a clear overview of which techniques the scanners support, suitable pipe sizes, key features and probe options.To download a copy of the scanner guide, please click here.Alternatively, please call us on +44… Read more ›

  5. June 2018 - Borescope inspection reveals catastrophic jet engine failure

    Following an emergency call to Ashtead Technology, Skywards Aviation Consultants Ltd was able to collect the latest borescope inspection technology before flying to Rwanda in response to an urgent request for engine inspection.Skywards Aviation is EASA Part 145 approved for borescope inspections according to the Aircraft Maintenance Manual and the requirements of specific Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. The company’s capabilities cover over 40 different types of engine and… Read more ›